Our Strategy

Data and Intelligence is, and will remain, at the core of everything we do.

We use technology, human expertise and Artificial Intelligence to collate, transform and add the greatest value to the data we provide our customers.

The Merit Group has a rich heritage, stretching back nearly 200 years, in the provision of quality analysis of data in the field of policy, public affairs and politics.

In a world that is ever more dependent on data, and in which the volume of data available is growing exponentially, Merit Group is an expert guide. Our strategy is to target the rapidly growing data market with technological solutions whilst using our strength in expert human analysis to add further value.

Our clients use our products and services to make crucial decisions about how to run their organisations now – and to plan for the future. We continually develop our specialist knowledge, our services and our delivery expertise – so our clients always have the critical information and intelligence to develop their businesses and plan effectively.