About us

Our mission

Our mission is to provide actionable data and intelligence to our clients to help them make more informed decisions and grow.

Our purpose

Data is the building block on which Artificial Intelligence applications are built as it serves as the foundation for training and improving machine learning models. We have developed a series of machine learning tools to transform raw data into business intelligence. Our expert teams provide additional analysis and intelligence to add further value to the data we provide to our customers. We also provide data engineering solutions that complement our data services.

The key drivers of our business success are:

very high levels of customer service that builds strong customer relationships, over multiple years

the provision of high quality actionable data that is accurate, targeted and timely

the use of leading technological solutions to enable our competitive pricing

Our vision

In a data rich world we can harness the power of technology, human analysis and artificial intelligence to unlock valuable information and intelligence, keeping our clients ahead of the competition.

We are listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market.