Merit Group is a data and intelligence business.

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We are experts in data, business and political intelligence.

The Merit Group is a B2B Data and Intelligence business. We use technology-led data capture and analysis techniques to provide our customers with high quality data.

Our services

We provide high quality data and intelligence across
three market sectors:

Global Industry Data covering a range of key verticals
Policy and Political data in the UK and Europe
Marketing Data

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Dods Group Limited

Dods specialises in content and data within policy, public affairs and politics. The business is focused on the gathering and analysis of political data in the UK and Europe. Dods is a leading provider of intelligence and data in its market.

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Merit Data & Technology Limited

Merit is a technology enabled business that gathers, organises and enriches the data that informs some of the world’s leading b2b intelligence brands. The business also researches prospect and customer data to make it rich, compliant and relevant for defined target audiences. It provides cost efficient technology solutions and resources for clients.